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Large / Wide Format Scanning

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If you're involved in construction, engineering, surveying or civil engineering you'll be familiar with the problems of storing drawings and plans, especially when the job is completed and you only need to hold them for reference or compliance.

The second great advantage with scanning is that if you need to take plans or drawings on-site, having PDF versions on your laptop computer is so much more convenient than unwieldy documents.

We offers low cost large format scanning service, drawing scanning, blueprint scanning and affordable architectural cad conversion, cad drafting and engineering large format scanning services. Large format document scanning are our expertise. Using our large format scanners, we can scan:

  • Large Format Blueprints
  • Architect's Drawings
  • Engineer's Drawings
  • Mechanical drawings
  • Surveys
  • Planning Applications
  • Plans
  • Maps
  • Newspaper Archives

We provide large format scanning services to Engineering companies, Architects, Builders, Government Agencies, Public Utilities, Industrial and Pharmaceutical Companies.

We provide best-practice Engineering, Construction & Architectural Blueprint conversion services that enables Professionals to successfully share the information contained in their drawings.  The benefits gained from our large format scanning services result in increased productivity, performance and profits.  Our clients realize tangible benefits that reduce their total drawing management expense while increasing profits by optimizing their business processes.  In fact, our clients typically realize a quick and measurable return-on-investment (ROI).


  • Offsetting the cost of large format scanning is the savings companies can realize by reclaiming real estate where large format documents are stored. In many cases, the cost of storing documents exceeds the cost of scanning them.
  • Easier Handling with Large Format Scanning: Scanned documents are easier to handle physically and systematically. When documents are scanned, even if they become very large sized electronic files, they are still easier to store and share than their physical counterparts. Additionally, document scanning almost always involves an indexing schema for logical and quick archival and retrieval, enforcing discipline on document whereabouts.
  • No Lost Documents with Large Format Scanning:  Of course, a lost or damaged document is no big deal--until it is needed. Then, one missing document may be worth hundreds, thousands, or hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost business. Archiving a single item might be worth the cost of scanning an entire library of documents.



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