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Document Management

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We bring organizations closer to the promise of the paperless office. The days of working exclusively with paper documents has become a concept of the past.

We will provide easy to use, all-in-one document management solution for your business that seamlessly connects people, ideas, and processes to satisfy all your collaboration, compliance, and business process requirements

Dealing with documents and information can be one of the most challenging aspects of business. Our document management solutions will improve how you process this information. Simplify your office by routing paper documents, e-mails, and other files directly into Central Informational System. Eliminate wasted time searching for paper and replacing lost documents. Access your information the moment you need it, wherever you need it—and manage it all from the convenience of a Web browser

Members of our team will design, install, and thoroughly test the solution at your location. Once we've perfected your solution, we'll train your employees on their new procedures.


•    Document Management
•    Digital Assets Management
•    Collaboration
•    Compliance (SOX, FDA, HIPAA, DoD...)
•    Records Management
•    Business Process Management
•    Business Rules
•    Retention Management
•    Indexing and Search
•    File Transformation


Manage your documents

•    Scan documents & reduce paperwork
•    Store, share & organize your documents to fit in with the way you work
•    Powerful indexing & intuitive search options ensure that you quickly find the information you’re looking for
•    Cover all the bases with full text search on numerous document types
•    Work on the latest material - access all prior versions of your document to avoid redundancies & replicating work
•    Quickly share all your new material - import documents in bulk with ease

Improve your business

•    Cut the cost of doing business by improving your business processes & reducing human processing
•    Build & sustain competitive advantage by examining processes & identifying improvements
•    Map processes to business roles to get the right information to the right people
•    Eliminate uncertainty – standardize working methods to get what you want from your workforce
•    Improve customer service - consistent processes lead to greater predictability in customer response levels

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