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Large / Wide Format Scanning

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If you're involved in construction, engineering, surveying or civil engineering you'll be familiar with the problems of storing drawings and plans, especially when the job is completed and you only need to hold them for reference or compliance.

The second great advantage with scanning is that if you need to take plans or drawings on-site, having PDF versions on your laptop computer is so much more convenient than unwieldy documents.

We offers low cost large format scanning service, drawing scanning, blueprint scanning and affordable architectural cad conversion, cad drafting and engineering large format scanning services. Large format document scanning are our expertise. Using our large format scanners, we can scan:

  • Large Format Blueprints
  • Architect's Drawings
  • Engineer's Drawings
  • Mechanical drawings
  • Surveys
  • Planning Applications
  • Plans
  • Maps
  • Newspaper Archives

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Document Scanning

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We can convert virtually any type of paper to almost any image format (Adobe PDF, TIFF, JPEG, GIF, BMP, and many more). These image files are then burned onto a CD/DVD and mailed back to you with your documents.

We can also convert paper or images into text, called OCRing (Optical Character Recognition), to be edited, searched or used in one of many applications.

Your documents can be archived exactly as they appear on paper in portable document format (PDF), can be made searchable, or can be scanned with OCR and exported as editable Microsoft Word or Excel documents. Word documents translated to PDF (e.g., scientific reports) can incorporate scanned images, sidebar bookmarks, and imbedded hypertext links to other documents or web sites.

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OCR Services

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OCR Services

The process of turning text on the paper into computer readable form so that a word processor or other computer software can use it is called optical character recognition (OCR). MyScan OCR Service uses the latest software and tools in OCR technology to scan your documents and transform them to the popular computer readable formats.

As a leader in text conversion using the latest state-of-the-art technology, OCR tools, and continually developed in-house processes, the digitization of your materials will be one of the highest quality.

OCR Service can dramatically reduce the cost, time and labor associated with traditional data entry processes.

Conversion of paper documents, books, manuscripts, manuals, contracts into Microsoft Word Documents, Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, ASCII text and other popular formats.


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Book Scanning Service

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  • Digitize your books without damaging them
  • Preserve the text in old fragile books
  • High speed scanning
  • Superb image quality
  • Optical Character Recognition allows you to search for any word in the book or to convert it into editable format 
  • Books can be scanned in black & white, greyscale or full color mode

A practical alternative to high speed digitization of bound documents, without the need for unbinding and sacrificing quality. By utilizing the latest book scanning technology we now offer our clients fully automated, non-destructive, digital book scanning services. We are able to quickly and easily digitize clients bound books in a method that doesn’t damage the book's spine, the pages or the print. We can even perform OCR and convert the scanned images into fully searchable and editable text.

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On-Site Scanning

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We understand that some documents contain sensitive information (resumes, medical records, financial information, legal documents, etc.) and can’t leave the site. We provide On-Site scanning services within the Greater Vancouver area and Lower Mainland of BC region of Canada. We bring our scanners to your office and scan your documents right from your files.

On-Site Scanning's secure process gives you complete piece of mind, by fulfilling all your scanning needs at your premises, giving you confidence that your documents are safe and secure.
Having your documents taken off-site can also have implications in the day to day running of your business. In most instances your documents will be off-site for two to six weeks and retrieval can be a complicated and time consuming service.

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Document Management

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We bring organizations closer to the promise of the paperless office. The days of working exclusively with paper documents has become a concept of the past.

We will provide easy to use, all-in-one document management solution for your business that seamlessly connects people, ideas, and processes to satisfy all your collaboration, compliance, and business process requirements

Dealing with documents and information can be one of the most challenging aspects of business. Our document management solutions will improve how you process this information. Simplify your office by routing paper documents, e-mails, and other files directly into Central Informational System. Eliminate wasted time searching for paper and replacing lost documents. Access your information the moment you need it, wherever you need it—and manage it all from the convenience of a Web browser

Members of our team will design, install, and thoroughly test the solution at your location. Once we've perfected your solution, we'll train your employees on their new procedures.


•    Document Management
•    Digital Assets Management
•    Collaboration
•    Compliance (SOX, FDA, HIPAA, DoD...)
•    Records Management
•    Business Process Management
•    Business Rules
•    Retention Management
•    Indexing and Search
•    File Transformation

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Legal Document Scanning & Litigation support

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We provide the Best Practice Litigation Support to the Legal Community, which enables Law Firms to instantly access the information contained in their cases, evidentiary documents, discovery files, due diligence records and boilerplate documents.  In addition, we specifically designed our project methods and production facilities to ensure Image Quality and

Document Integrity for sensitive legal document conversion projects. The benefits gained from our services result in increased productivity and performance by eliminating the time required to find critical information.

We can provide your legal team with the Highest Quality scanned files and coded data available in the industry today.

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Data Entry and Form Processing

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We offer data entry services high on accuracy with all the requisite security provisions to ensure quick TAT along with optimum safety of your data.

Following are the applications of Form processing:

  • Claims / Lawsuits Processing
  • Order fulfillment
  • Subscriptions
  • Product Registrations / Enrolment Processing
  • Credit / Debit Card Applications
  • Questionnaire / Poll Rating Processing
  • Mortgage / Financial Services Processing
  • Warranty / Guarantee Cards Processing
  • Rental / Lease Deeds Agreement Forms Processing
  • Coupon / Discount Form Processing
  • Travel Survey Processing
  • Market Research Form Processing
  • Membership / Registration Forms Processing
  • Payroll
  • Survey/Market research
  • Resume Processing
  • Accounts, tax and legal forms
  • Medical Forms
  • Application forms
  • Online form processing
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