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Book Scanning Service

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  • Digitize your books without damaging them
  • Preserve the text in old fragile books
  • High speed scanning
  • Superb image quality
  • Optical Character Recognition allows you to search for any word in the book or to convert it into editable format 
  • Books can be scanned in black & white, greyscale or full color mode

A practical alternative to high speed digitization of bound documents, without the need for unbinding and sacrificing quality. By utilizing the latest book scanning technology we now offer our clients fully automated, non-destructive, digital book scanning services. We are able to quickly and easily digitize clients bound books in a method that doesn’t damage the book's spine, the pages or the print. We can even perform OCR and convert the scanned images into fully searchable and editable text.

We take the hassle out of the conversion process for you. We can:

  • Scan the books at high speed
  • Improve the quality of poor images
  • OCR the images so you can locate a page by any word contained within it
  • Perform rigorous quality control and assurance checks on all images
  • Return the books undamaged
  • Provide you with the digital images in your chosen image format, TIFF, PDF, JPEG etc
  • Return the digital images on your chosen media format, CD, DVD, Hard Disk, USB Key or FTP.
  • Contact us today and let us transform your books into stunning and useful digital images

What Does It Cost?

The cost of scanning a book can vary quite considerably and is dependent on a number of factors. Consideration is given to the size and age of a book, whether a bi-tonal, grey scale or colour scan is required and at what resolution you require the images to be. If you would like an idea of price for a particular project then please contact us.

Price per page side: 25¢
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