Document Scanning

Document scanning can save you time and money. No more lost or misplaced documents. Free up valuable storage space! Use PDF conversions to distribute combinations of scanned documents and digital files in presentation format. We are an affordable document scanning service bureau in Greater Vancouver Area that provides outsource document scanning and imaging services. We specialize in creating interactive PDF files for distribution, search-ability, and portability.
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Low Cost Scanning
We utilizes state-of-the-art document imaging equipment, and advanced scanning, We are dedicated to providing high-quality, affordable document scanning and conversion services!
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Large Format Scanning
Large Format and Wide Format scanning of architectural and engineering drawings can be difficult to store and expensive to circulate. Documents up to 50" in size are scanned and returned as PDF documents.
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OCR Services
Conversion of paper documents into Word, Excel, Access, PDF Searchable, CSV or any other format. Dramatically reduce the cost, time and labour associated with traditional data entry processes.
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Document scanning ...

There may be many reasons for having this work done. First you can fit over 10,000 black and white images (pages) onto one CD/DVD. This allows for the easy transportation of files either on CD, laptop, or over the Internet. In PDF format the documents can be made secure so that they can not be changed or printed. Also, once a document is in digital format it is easier to manipulate as an image or as an editable document (MS-Word). Formats like TIFF and PDF can hold more than one page per file and PDF can be made fully searchable or bookmarked. This is especially helpful in locating text within a large document. Many have also been anxious to clear out storage space but for legal or archival reasons must keep a copy of the documents.
  • Space Saving & Office Expansion
    Take a look around your office and see how many archive boxes and filing cabinets you have! If your business is thriving and you are looking to grow, you do not always need to move office.You can create office space by using document imaging to free up the needed space taken up by boxes and filing cabinets.
  • Information Distribution
    Not just internally but externally, distribution by email, file sharing, document management systems,etc will dramatically increase your productivity.
  • Accessibility
    With your files stored electronically there is no need for manual file retrieval or re-filing and if centrally located the files can be accessible to who you want, where you want, when you want.
  • Data Back-Up
    With your files centrally located and backed up, you do not need to worry about accidents like fire, water, theft or general wear and tear.
  • Recovering Lost Information
    You will be surprised at the number of documents you thought were lost that turn up after document imaging.

Document scanning is perfect for...

  • Archived Records, Law Offices, Real Estate and Mortgage firms ...
  • Medical Records, Environmental Reports, Engineering firms ...
  • Insurance companies, Banks, Contracts, Human Resources ...
  • School Districts, Training Manuals, Technical Reports
  • ... Virtually any type of office!

Free Pickup or Delivery...

Free Pickup or Delivery of documents for order of $1000 and more is available in the following areas:
  • Vancouver, Burnaby, New Westminster, West Vancouver, North Vancouver
  • Richmond, Delta, Surrey, White Rock, Langley, Abbotsford
  • Coquitlam, Pitt Meadows, Port Coquitlam, Port Moody, Maple Ridge
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PDF Conversion
Your documents can be archived exactly as they appear on paper in portable document format (PDF).
On-Site Scanning
By fulfilling all your scanning needs at your premises, giving you confidence that your documents are safe and secure.
Document Management
We bring organizations closer to the promise of the paperless office. The days of working exclusively with paper documents has become a concept of the past.
Document Scanning, Photo Scanning, Book Scanning